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09.12 Saturday Afterski

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Welcome to Stavkroa Afterski. This is where you can secure your tickets for the 23/24 afterski season. Make sure you double-check the date you selected is the date you want to visit Stavkroa. Please also note that some tickets have an arrival time that you need to make to secure your entrance. 

Book your table at

For special bookings, contact When purchasing a ticket to Stavkroa, you always agree to our Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct.


ID: 20
We will often come across as tougher than usual, but this is for everyone’s safety and to ensure the best time possible for you and your friends!
By purchasing a table/ticket, you agree to our rules of order:
-        Stavkroa reserves the right to refuse entrance AND serving of alcohol, no matter the reason. Examples: disrespect towards our staff/other guests, excessively intoxicated, disorders, illegal drugs and violence
-        Arrive at your set time. If you got a ticket with a set arrival time, Stavkroa reserves the right to re-sell your ticket/table if not on time.
-        Fake IDs will be taken and refusal of entry.
Everyone at Stavkroa is a superstar. By entering our venues, you understand, agree and acknowledge that your picture might been taken and used in our and our parties marketing. Check out our Terms & Conditios to learn more. 
Disobeying or disagreeing with our rules, can result in a permanent ban from Stavkroa. If there is a violation of Norwegian law, then this will be reported to the police.   


By purchasing a table/ticket you agree to all disclaimers, restrictions and terms of conditions.
Tickets/tables can’t be privately resold. If your ticket/table has an arrival time on it, late arrival will result in no longer guaranteed entry to Stavkroa and Stavkroa can resell your table/ticket.
Eligible refunds of tickets:
- Cancelled event by organizer, with the exception of a Force Majerue situation before or during the event.

*The Norwegian Right of Cancellation Law( angrerettsloven) does not apply to the purchase of a ticket.